It can be tempting, if money is tight, to cut back on marketing but it is precisely at this time that you need to promote your business. Once you accept you have to spend money on promoting yourself to increase your revenue, you need to consider where to spend it.

Those selling digital media will tell you it is cheaper to advertise online than in print. You need to consider however the return you will get on the money spent. If something is cheap upfront but it is ineffective, then you have completely wasted your money.

Here we’re going to set out some of the benefits of advertising in magazines. It’s worth bearing these points in mind when planning your marketing spend.

Reaching the right person

It makes sense, that to get the biggest return on your spend, your ad needs to be seen by the people most likely to buy your product. It may be cheaper, therefore, to advertise in a local newspaper or the parish magazine, but how many of those readers are interested in what you have to offer? Advertising in a specialist magazine will reach many more people, that are exactly your target audience, and so more likely to buy from you.

Getting people whilst they’re in the mood

Even if your ad is seen by the right person, if it’s seen at the wrong time it could be wasted. The person will therefore be relaxing or reading for leisure when they see your ad. If they see your ad in an environment when they’re working or doing something else online, it will be less effective, unless it is served to them numerous times so they will start to notice it.

Relax with a magazine

How long will your ad stick around?

If someone sees an online ad, they will have sight of it for a fraction of a second, before they carry on scrolling (if it’s a Facebook ad) or a second or less if they view it on a website whilst they’re doing something else.

People keep their favourite magazines until the next edition comes out, or even longer, picking it up many times to look at over a cuppa, over lunch, whilst they’re waiting for dinner to cook etc. Magazines are rarely thrown away but passed between friends so your ad may be around for many months.

Catching their full attention

As you know lots of people view online stuff on their phones not a laptop, often whilst they’re doing something else, e.g. watching TV, standing in a queue or cooking dinner. They are never going to be as engaged with the content as they are when they sit down with their feet up to read a magazine. Your ad is therefore far more likely to be noticed and remembered than it would if seen online, whilst the person is checking the school website or doing their weekly shop. If they are relaxed and concentrating on what they’re reading your ad will have more impact.

Is it fake news?

For a few years now research has proven that what people read in print is viewed as more credible than what they read online. This is even more the case since the advent of “fake news”. As an advertiser in print, you can use this trust factor to your advantage.

Print should be a crucial part of your marketing campaign and not dismissed out of hand as old fashioned or expensive. It’s worth remembering that book sales are increasing once more, as people have missed the feeling of reading a book rather than reading from a digital reader.


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