How to take a great equestrian photograph

By Nathan Haynes

How to take a great equestrian photograph

Nathan Haynes of NRH photography talks us through how to take great pictures of our horses first time around.

Have you ever looked at photos in horse magazines and wondered, “Just how do they make them look so good?”, and also, “Why don’t mine look like that?” Well, if so, then the following tips may help.

However, before we start, it’s worth noting that the photos in magazines are, on the whole, taken by professionals with experience in shooting horses, using professional equipment, possibly with artificial lighting, a helper or two and then the images have undergone a level of post-production (aka ‘airbrushing/photoshopping’) to be suitable for the printers. That said, certain general principles apply for many of the better images that are published and these can to a degree, be replicated - even by just using your phone camera and a little forethought…

Think about what you want the final image to look like - it’s better to work towards something defined, rather than have a haphazard approach. Preparation makes a huge difference to the finished article (as with anything). Think of it like cake making - the first time you attempt it, you know what you want it to look like; you gather the ingredients and follow the recipe step by step to get the desired result. When you’ve some baking experience, it’s possible to achieve a decent result without a recipe!

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