Interview with Buck Brannaman

By Kate McLaughlin

Interview with Buck Brannaman

Interview with Buck Brannaman UK

Buck Brannaman needs little introduction. A gifted teacher and horseman, we were lucky enough to have him visit with us again in June, at Aintree International Arena. Riders of all ages, on a variety of horses, spent three days learning from Buck, in what can only be considered horsemanship nirvana. I was fortunate enough to spend some time talking with Buck after the first day of the clinic. Candid, warm and humble, Buck shares his thoughts with me about life and horses.

Welcome, it is fantastic to have you back in the UK. This is your third visit now, how are you finding things upon your return this time?

Well you know, like anywhere that I have been a few times, I start to accumulate a few more friends each time I go, so for me that’s what makes me come back, because for me once I’ve seen somewhere, I don’t come back for the scenery. I live in Wyoming, people go there for the scenery, but I go for the horses and for the people and that’s what keeps me coming back.


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