As you will surely know, fewer people are watching TV in the way they used to. They are choosing what to watch from an ever-bigger range of channels, but more significantly, they are choosing when to watch it.  The big audiences that advertisers were guaranteed in the “good old days” don’t really exist any more. This is, however, just part of the revolution that’s taking place in the world of media. 

Horsemanship Podcast

Another big change is the increase in popularity in podcasts. If you’re unsure what these are, essentially they are audio recordings you listen to at your convenience.  Think of them like mini radio programmes that you can play whenever you like, rather than at the scheduled time the radio channel broadcasts them.

If you’re not a regular consumer of podcasts, do a little experiment amongst people you know. Ask them what their recommendations are for podcasts. You’ll be amazed at how many people are listening to them, and the broad range of subjects they cover. Recent research has found that regular listeners of podcasts are listening to just over five hours a week across five different podcasts.  Not only is the time spent listening to podcasts increasing, but the numbers of people who listen to podcasts also increases each year, with over a quarter of those surveyed saying they’ve listened to one in the last month, according to research done by Edison.

When you consider the way in which most people listen to podcasts, their popularity is not surprising. It’s one of the most personal forms of broadcasting, with people often listening using headphones from their smartphone, whilst they’re alone, for example, running or walking, or when they are with others, but don’t wish to communicate, such as when they’re commuting.  The listener can choose when to start the podcast, such as when they start their train journey home or start their run.  It’s essentially “audio-on-demand”, exactly like TV on demand.

The way we listen to podcasts makes it feel much more personal than listening to the radio or listening to an audiobook in the car. It’s as if the person is speaking just to us and so we are more likely to focus on what’s being said, rather than it just being background noise.  This is great news for a company that wants to build a relationship with their listeners, to enable those people to get to know us, who further down the line, may decide to buy from us.

As podcasts are longer than, for example, a radio advert, it gives a company time to paint a picture, to tell a story, to showcase what they do.  A company which offers training for horses and riders can go into much more detail on what they offer than would ever be possible in an ad. This is not done though in the style of an extended ad, but instead is more descriptive. You might choose to focus on the journey of a particular horse and rider and describe what happened to them, or you could describe the range of challenges overcome by a group of riders.  

If you’re new to podcasts it might feel like it means a huge undertaking to put something together in this new format.  There is no fixed length for podcasts, however, and they range in length from a few minutes to an hour or more.  Start by revisiting some of the content you already have in other formats.  You may well have dozens of blog posts or articles you’ve written that can be re-purposed into podcasts with the help of an experienced production team.

Have a listen to the Horsemanship Journal Podcasts, they might give you some inspiration to start your own. Whether you need help writing the content or with production, we’d be delighted to help you get started with this exciting development in the world of media, we can help you to create your own channel or feature you on our Podcast and distribute to our audience - please feel free to give us a call: 01245 939 001.

If you’re not convinced on the merits of podcasts, consider the words of Gary Vaynerchuk, a digital marketing expert,  Just remember, audio and voice are by far the most natural interface for humans to interact. We like to speak and listen”.


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